A Web Game Prototype by Noah Cassidy and Niloufar Ghaffari

Created with Javascript in the Phaser 3 game engine

Source Available on Github

Packages used:

How to Play

Warning: This game is in very early development and has many bugs. Check back often for new functionality!

Welcome to Cecadia! You are the assistant to the monarch of this small country. It’s your job to design their castle with all the amenities an absolute ruler could desire. Here’s how to do it:

Main Screen

The First View of Power Dilemma

Quick Guide

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Press the shopping cart, and select an appliance. Click to place the shopping cart in the world. Move up to it and press ‘E’ to activate it. Watch the top to see how much energy it is currently using. Click the appliance again to move it to appliance storage (see “Bottom Right” icons below).

Click the generation button to view your current energy mix. You begin with one coal generator currently running. Coal generators produce a lot of energy very cheaply, but also produce a lot of pollution. Click the generation button again to return to the main screen. You’ll probably notice the pollution meter () has increased towards the red. Once this meter is full, happiness () will start to decrease! Changing your energy mix will give the pollution time to dissipate, but happiness will not increase again. Once happiness reaches zero, you lose.

Your budget is altered by the white bar. Every 10 seconds, it will fill and your bill is due. You receive a small paycheck, automatically added to your balance (). You also pay for the energy you used that period, at $1/kWh. Maintenance fees for the currently running generators are also paid at this time.

Now you’re ready to play! Increase the amount of generators currently active to increase your energy production () and allow you to turn more generators on. Watch your budget, and design a mansion worthy of a monarch!

Bottom Left

View the Shop

View your current energy mix

Delete Mode: Select appliances to sell them and regain their cost. Delete other objects to remove them from the world

Bottom Right

From Left to Right: View Furniture, view Appliances in storage, view settings (currently non-functional)