Happy July!

The new semester is around the corner and CECA is going to provide a great virtual experience. Want to know the amazing people at CECA who are planning ahead? Meet our new exec team!

Sarah De Sousa

-Role: President

Sarah will be doing a co-op (PEY) at the coming semester. She has strong skills in sustainable building and project management; Sarah hopes to learn more regarding energy retrofits and building science in CECA. She will continue to strengthen leadership and communication skills as she believes these are both very important to have as an engineer.

CECA President: Sarah De Sousa

Rose Zhang

-Role: Vice President

Rose is entering her third year at Civil Engineering. She has rich past experience in CECA and is hoping to make the club more inclusive for general members and execs as well as managing club’s finance. Rose is also interested in clear and effective communication among team members.

Vice President: Rose Zhang

Mahia Anhara

Role: Co-Project Manager

Mahia will be doing a co-op (PEY) at the coming semester. She has participated in the GEC competition and gained problem-solving and leadership skills.

Mahia has a strong interest in sustainable cities and is hoping to guide all members in CECA to have a positive and meaningful experience.

Co-Project Manager: Mahia Anhara

Moranne Parsons

Moranne will be doing a co-op (PEY) at the coming semester. She has a strong interest in sustainable buildings. She joined CECA because she wanted to help a great group of engineering students design something interesting and useful.

Moranne hopes to work with a team to help improve buildings in Toronto be more sustainable.

Co-Project Manager: Moranne Parsons

Kin Hey (Nicole) Chan

Role: Communications Coordinator

Nicole is entering second year of Civil Engineering. She joined CECA last semester through mentorship event and gained many experience in GEC Community Engagement section. She enjoyed learning the social and environmental impact buildings can have to community.

She is hoping to reach out to partners and students that are interested in CECA.

Communications Coordinator: Kin Hey Chan

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