For past weeks, we’ve be doing a series of blog posts highlighting specific Green Energy Challenge (GEC) teams, what they’re all about and the people involved in the teams. Finally, we have the Community Engagement (ComEng) Team!

The Community Engagement Team

The Community Engagement Team engages with the community within Orde Street Junior Public School to raise awareness about environmental issues and the need for energy efficiency and conservation. Due to COVID-19, in-person engagement sessions had to be moved online. The team successfully transitioned to online learning, including targeted lesson plans for different age groups, interactive activities and videos!

This year, the Community Engagement Team has 3 members: Kin Hey Chan, Alexa Tumaneng, and Pavani Perera. The Team Lead for Community Engagement is Kin Hey Chan.

Community Engagement Team 2020: (from left to right) Kin Hey Chan, Alexa Tumaneng and Pavani Perera

What has the Community Engagement Team Done?

The ComEng team has developed a series of grade-appropriate educational videos, blog posts and worksheets to educate the students at the school about sustainability and green building concepts.

The ComEng team has created a game that encourages players to optimize their energy usage.

In-game photo showing the map layout of the game world

Thank you for sticking around for all the team showcases! I hope you enjoyed them all!

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