For the next coming weeks, we’ll be doing a series of blog posts highlighting specific Green Energy Challenge (GEC) teams, what they’re all about and the people involved in the teams. Next up is the Project Management (PM) Team!

The Project Management Team

The Project Management Team is responsible for the cost estimation required for the recommended retrofits, finding applicable rebates and incentives and scheduling the installation of the various components. They bring the work of the BEP, Solar and Lighting Teams together and develop a comprehensive costing strategy for the client.

This year, the Project Management Team has 5 members: Mahia Anhara, Nicola Liu, Keziah Nongo, Jade Huangfu and Bo Zhao. The Project Management Lead is Mahia Anhara.

So far, the PM team has began cost estimation for the project and scheduling. For scheduling, the tasks and their respective timelines have been determined and placed on a Gantt Chart. In terms of financing, applicable rebates, incentives and funding sources will be determined to help realize the project. As part of the PM team’s task, a cash flow analysis and a payback period will be determined for the project.

Stay tuned for the next team spotlight post on the Community Engagement Team!

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