For the next coming weeks, we’ll be doing a series of blog posts highlighting specific Green Energy Challenge (GEC) teams, what they’re all about and the people involved in the teams. Next up is the Lighting Team!

The Lighting Team

The Lighting Team is responsible for doing photometric analysis to determine the ideal amount of illumination in an indoor space. A photometric analysis involves inputting the locations for the lighting retrofits and sizing them appropriately for ideal illumination in each part of the room. They are also responsible to recommend energy efficient lighting upgrades, such as conversions from incandescent lighting to light emitting diodes (LEDs). All these improvements help to increase the energy efficiency of the building and increase occupant comfort.

This year, the Lighting Team has 3 members: Jason Wang, Mahia Anhara and Chelsa Lou. The team lead for the Lighting Team is Jason Wang.

Lighting Team 2020: (from left to right) Jason Wang, Mahia Anhara, Chelsa Lou

What have they done so far?

In the beginning, the Lighting Team focused on collecting the existing conditions of the building. This included going around the building and measuring the level of light available in each room with a mobile app. They also captured images of the existing conditions and any problematic areas. The retrofits that are made will not only improve energy efficiency, but also occupant comfort.

Members of the Lighting Team auditing existing conditions

The Lighting Team is hard at work to improve lighting energy efficiency and occupant comfort! So far, they have successfully completed their product selections and related calculations. In the next coming weeks, they will do their technical analysis including, the photometric analysis and the ceiling plan.

Stay tuned for the next team spotlight post on the Project Management Team!

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