For the next coming weeks, we’ll be doing a series of blog posts highlighting specific Green Energy Challenge (GEC) teams, what they’re all about and the people involved in the teams. Next up is the Solar Team!

The Solar Team

The Solar Team is responsible for designing the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System to reduce electricity usage from the electrical grid. This will help reduce the impact of pollution from electricity production and contribute towards a net-zero energy goal for the building.

This year, the Solar Team has 6 members: Keziah Nongo, Jason Wang, Sarah Garland and Chelsa Lou. The team lead for the Solar Team is Keziah Nongo.

The solar team is excited to design a grid-direct PV system that utilizes the school’s large roof space to develop an affordable renewable energy system!

GEC Solar Team 2020

What they have done so far!

The Solar Team is hard at work to deliver a cost effective and efficient solar system network to Orde Street Junior Public School! So far, they have completed the shading analysis and assessed PV system requirements according to the building and client needs. Through these analysis, they drafted a modular PV system design that is scale-able to different performance needs. They are looking to finalize their PV system design soon, as final electricity and heating data with the projected retrofits become available.

Stay tuned for the next team post of the Lighting Team!

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