For the next coming weeks, we’ll be doing a series of blog posts highlighting specific Green Energy Challenge (GEC) teams, what they’re all about and the people involved in the teams. First up this week is the Building Energy Performance Team, or the BEP team!

The BEP Team

The BEP team has two jobs during the GEC. The first job is energy analysis, and the second is building retrofit design. This year, they are analyzing Orde Street Junior Public School located in downtown Toronto.

This year, the BEP team has 6 members: Bo Zhao, Ashley An, Binuji Liyanage, Jade Huangfu, Nasteha Abdullahi and Paul Go. Bo Zhao is this year’s BEP Team Lead.

The BEP team was responsible for identifying the existing building conditions. Since Orde Street Public School is located within an old building constructed in 1914, it is ripe for building energy upgrades! The BEP team gathered information about insulation, window quality, HVAC loads and vampire loads. This data helps to identify problem spots for building energy improvements

A member of the BEP team takes a photo of a window

Energy Analysis

Energy analysis involves conducting an energy audit of the building. This includes plug loads, HVAC loads, electricity usage and any potential natural gas demands. Using this data, the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) Building Energy Tool can by calibrated to provide a building score that includes the building’s existing score and potential score.

Screenshot from Building Model Created in DoE Buidling Energy Tool

Building Retrofit Design

Using the results of the DoE Building Assessment, numerous energy efficiency improvements can be recommended for the building. Efficiency upgrades such as more efficient boilers, improved windows, wall insulation and thermostat upgrades are considered.

Stay tuned for the next team post on the Solar Team!

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